ThermoFisher scientific X-Ray Spectrometers

All types of ThermoFisher scientific X-Ray Series Spectrometers can be supplied with UniQuant this includes the Quant'X.
For multi-channel spectrometers, it is here assumed that a goniometer is fitted.
Every spectrometer that is supplied with UniQuant is pre-calibrated at the ThermoFisher scientific X-Ray Series factory.
Thus, all system requirements are satisfied as a matter of course.

UniQuant is installed virtually as an integral part of ThermoFisher scientific WinXRF software.
Since each system is integrally tested and pre-calibrated at the ThermoFisher scientific factory, all that is needed after delivery at customer's site is running a few monitor samples (10 minutes) in order to have a ready-to-use system.

In case of UniQuant is to be retro-fitted (installed at a spectrometer at customer's site),
please contact Thermo Scientific.

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